Noriko Akai

Noriko Akai, a member of IP*SEVA, is an international intellectual property expert based in Tokyo, Japan. She studied environmental studies at the Wilson College, Pennsylvania.

After working for a US entity and Japanese local government, she joined the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), which has over 1,400 Japanese company members.
JIPA is the world’s largest IP users’ organization, with its member companies filing 75% of all Japanese patent applications and 20% of all PCT applications.

Ms. Akai’s special focus is on IP strategy and green technology diffusion.
She has been working on many projects in JIPA. Among others, the Sustainable Development Goals project is meant to be a bridge between WIPO GREEN technologies and potential users. Ms. Akai works with various Japanese companies and universities to identify and utilize environmental technologies.

Ms. Akai has been working with IP *SEVA for many years on worldwide IP activities. She has given lectures on green technology and IP strategy at universities such as Ochanomizu University and Gakushuin University, Tokyo.

Language skills: Japanese, English (fluent)

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